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How to bring a touch of comfort to your space in the office

How to bring a touch of comfort to your space in the office

In a world so politically and environmentally uncertain, the home has become a place where we feel the safest. Therefore, following our previous blog ‘Soft Touch’, consumers continue to desire something comforting, and it helps especially in the work environment.

This week’s blog is a simple guide for employees wanting to bring a touch of comfort to their space in the office:

- Adding art to your desk is a great way to express personal style and taste. Frame a collection of your favourite photos or display some wall art and turn your desk into a gallery, it’s very comforting!

- Space-saving wall storage and statement calendars are a great little personal touch too. Organise your desk with shelving, making the ideal place to display personal decorative items. Get yourself a dry-erase board, something fun to mark-up the to-do lists, or get a pegboard that offers endless ways to style a wall with decorative mood boarding or just a fun way to organise.

- Playful pieces bring creative expression to a workspace and they’re a lot of fun no matter the age. Simple items take on novelty details, such as plant pots with a funny message on them or shaped like a dinosaur – Etsy has it all. A humorous product is great and allows you to express yourself.

- Greenery – having plants in the workspace has been proven to have positive effects and it welcomes the comforts of the home to any office. Not only do plants have the power to naturally purify the air, they also have a calming effect too. A full day of being closed off from the outdoors can be a little dull, but bringing the outdoors in is as simple as it gets to put a smile on your face! You can decorate your desk however you like, from succulents to orchids, place your choice of plant around a computer monitor or on top of a stack of books, and bring your space to life.

Something else that’s green is the companies we work with. We like to work with people that lead by example with their achievements in the field of sustainability. For example, where we source our fabrics: our main supplier, Camira, was recognised in 2015 for outstanding achievements in continuous environmental improvement. This is what we look out for when working with companies; being as environmentally friendly as possible.

By Jasmin Pour