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Clever furniture for a stimulating office space

Clever furniture for a stimulating office space

We’ve come a long way since the ’60s when Robert Propst first began to analyse the office before designing ‘action office’ in the 1970’s. He found the manager sat in the corner and the rest of the staff working at open desks arranged in static lines, with a complete lack of privacy and consideration for storage. This does not sound motivating to us!

Where would we rather work:

- in a grey cubicle sitting in a grey plastic chair working over a grey metal desk…

- or, settled comfortably into soft, brightly-coloured seating, with the freedom to collaborate and work with your laptop on your legs if you want to?

Overall, the important thing is that your employees are a part of a stimulating dynamic. A more innovative and more productive workplace provides a better work experience for people, which helps organisations achieve their strategic goals too.

Offices need more than partitions or a ‘movable wall’; things are now being re-evaluated. The space needs to be exciting and encourage the staff to be collaborative and stay motivated, as well as respecting their personal space.

Workplaces are becoming more open, modular and multifunctional. The furniture needs to be flexible in terms of function and appearance and get optimal use out of the office space.
We look at ways for you to create workplace wellness below with cleverly designed furniture:


Double-sided seating gives you the option to work personally with the freedom to turn and talk to your colleague. Also great for a two focal point room.

YF317 Range

Then you have our YF317 range – you can create a lot of configurations with this range. The variety of this furniture can help divide a large space and define a zone, with the ability to run for an infinite distance.

Individual pieces can also be configured to create islands.
Our YF317 island creates a 360-degree area for lunching, laptopping, or some chilled-out dreaming of paradise time. The clever shape offers plenty of places for perching to create private or public work zones.

(YF317 Island, YF317 D End – side piece with back)

Or, if you want a larger island area or prefer something more rectangular, use our YF317S2B2 back to back for more of a versatile sofa.

If you want to take the piece further, add the YF317 CS/CB to the sides of the sofa and you’ve got yourself a multi-functional island piece. If you’re part of a busy corporate grind, this seating will make your day a lot more manageable!

(YF317 S2-B2, YF317 CS/CB)

Maybe you’re having a meeting? Then use two of our YF317 booths facing each other. You have the option of high walls for acoustic shielding for those important discussions, and who knew meetings could be cosy?

In the contemporary office, the lounge is a space for collaborative work with furniture that provides greater flexibility and easy access to power and communications.

Use the YF317 S2-B2, YF317CS/CB and YF317 and YF317/CCS for the corners to create different combinations. You can either use the back full, or in quarters, or not use it at all; the options help allow optimum flexibility in seating arrangements. These back rests make it possible to form these sofas and chairs into a circular formation, square, rectangular, or even one that snakes its way around other furniture. It makes fitting into odd spaces a breeze. Each unit comes with an optional built in power unit.

If you’re wanting to meet both needs for privacy and workspace in one unit then we have a solution.

(YF317 S2-B2, YF317 CS/CB, YF317, YF317/CCS)

Use the YF317CS/CB and put two or four together to create a cross with the backs and you’ve got your own private space. A high panel back provides your own personal enclosure where you can concentrate and work without distraction.
Or if you need an area to huddle for a group meeting, then scoot several of these chairs together, and you have an informal, collaborative workspace.

YF343 Range

If you need a piece that’s adaptable around the office, then we have YF343. They are single seats or a modular sofa that can fit into any layout, and you can use them for any occasion. You can have singular ones scattered around or several flushed next to one another.

Use the high back if you want to help isolate noise to create an environment for meeting and working, or for reading and resting in common areas. This is a unit that you can really have fun with and enjoy the combinations of colours.

The YF343 Straight and the YF343 Curved are also modular. They’re sleek and refined, and you can put many pieces together to create an attractive seating arrangement for public spaces.

We hope all of the above ideas help inspire a more stimulating office space for your business! An active environment will help visually motivate your employees. If you have any further queries or would like us to help design your own personalised office environment, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

By Jasmin Pour