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Working from Home… It Doesn’t Have to Be Draining

Working from Home… It Doesn’t Have to Be Draining

A lot of us are working from home at the moment, and it’s fair to say that some are finding it harder than others. When at home it’s easy to get distracted, whether that be by family, friends, pets, the TV… It’s important to remember that the work you do at home is just as important and should be treated as a priority still. Read this blog for tips on how to settle and focus whilst working at home.

Layout is Important
It’s important to have a space that acts as your ‘home office’, whether it’s a study, or a desk in your living room or kitchen. Try to set it up in a quieter area of your home, with no distractions nearby such as your bed or TV. Get the equipment you need, and make sure that it’s decorated in a way that will keep you positive and motivated.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
It’s easy to get distracted whilst working at home. Make sure that anything that could distract you is out of your sight, such as your TV, games console, bed, even the fridge! Just make sure you’re in a room where the only thing you’re focusing on is your work.

Open the Windows
Open the windows, the curtains… Natural light and fresh air will help you maintain focus, and also make you feel generally happier. Sitting in a dark room will just make you feel tired and won’t help in the slightest with your motivation.

Have a Break
Go for a walk around your garden, call a friend, make some food… Take 30 minutes to ensure you’re taking a break from work and not overworking. It’s important to keep hydrated and eat well so you can concentrate fully and feel awake.

By Sophie Burns