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Holme St, Liversedge, W Yorkshire, WF15 6JF

What We Do

Great Britain is known for its tradition and craft skills; so here at Y F Furniture, we are proud to say that we develop and manufacture all our furniture in-house, from start to finish. This provides our end products with true originality and wonderful quality. Our furniture is made with the utmost amount of care, enthusiasm, honesty and pure craftsmanship. All the staff have a true passion for what they do; they are highly skilled, experienced people and extremely committed. We have staff that have been with us since the company’s establishment in 1981, proving they can satisfy our customer needs.

Manufacturing our furniture in-house means that we are flexible in meeting our clients’ requirements, as we have complete control of the production process. We are also able to deliver your furniture within a much shorter time period.

Y F Furniture takes great pride in every piece of furniture that leaves our workshop. Our customers are confident that they will receive a quality final product and are proud that it is made in the UK.

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