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The Importance of Having the Right Office Furniture

The Importance of Having the Right Office Furniture

2020 is seeing companies majorly upgrade their offices; it’s almost a competition to see who can have the most stylish, quirky or cool workspace. Gone are the days of dim, dark rooms with uncomfortable seating, old equipment and a lack of colour, replaced instead with bright, open spaces, funky furniture and the perfect mix of ‘fun yet professional’.
Everything you do in your office is going to have an impact on employers and clients, from the colour of the walls, flooring, seating, lighting – everything will impact on people’s opinions on your company, so it’s important to get it right. It’s especially important to have furniture that will positively impact your employees, here’s why:

Having the right furniture will positively impact on everyone in the office, and it will help improve productivity and creativity. If staff know their wellbeing is being considered, then they’re going to appreciate the company more.

It’s proven that working in a bright, open space is likely to increase motivation levels, and having creative furniture is going to add to this, because having a unique and fun styled space is going to lift the spirits of those working in it – which in turn will benefit the work they do.

How can this be achieved? The best way to do it is to create your office around your brand, have colourful LED logo’s on the wall, murals that express who you are and what you do, comfortable yet stylish seating, desks that can be decorated by staff, collaborative areas that promote group working… the list is endless.

Another way of achieving a happy office is to have comfortable seating. Here at YF we know the importance of a comfy chair. No one wants backache, right? Invest in some comfortable seating, whether that’s office chairs, soft seating, sofas, armchairs – even beanbags are a fun addition to any office. Show your employees and clients you care for their comfort by making sure you have the best chairs you can buy, otherwise you may end up with uncomfortable, irritated staff.

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By Sophie Burns