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Does Office Seating Make a Difference to Staff Morale?

Does Office Seating Make a Difference to Staff Morale?

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable chair. One that makes your back ache and puts you in a bad mood every time you sit on it. It doesn’t help with productivity or creativity because you’re too focused on how uncomfortable you are. Happy and comfortable employees will work better and be more productive and appreciative if they know they’re being looked after.
It’s a good trait for offices to have quality seating, whether that’s in the form of professional office chairs that staff use at their desks, collaborative areas with fun seating such as bean bags and egg chairs, or soft-seating booths. Having a lot of options promotes movement in the office.
Having a comfortable desk chair is important – it will keep staff motivated for longer and more likely to concentrate on the task in hand, rather than getting fed up and uncomfortable. Employers should consider their staff’s wellbeing and how long they are usually sitting down for throughout the day, so it’s good to ensure their comfort – which will equal happier staff.
Furthermore, having a relaxation area is going to improve staff morale, letting them know that it’s not all work but that they also have the chance to take a breather and relax, showing that the company are considerate towards their health, wellbeing and mood. This seating area could be in the form of beanbags, armchairs, sofas or soft-seating and it allows employees to take a step away from their desk for a bit and recharge.
All in all, it’s not a bad idea to change up your office and upgrade your seating if you haven’t already done so. It’ll definitely help increase your staff’s moods and make your workplace a happier atmosphere. What more could you want?
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